Michelle Campbell Art

16th January, 2017
Three brand new products available!
Cushions - Prices start from £14.00
Shopping Bags - Prices start from £11.00
Purses - Prices start from £14.00

15th December, 2016
Three new Ltd Ed Prints just released for Christmas!
'The Fall of Autumn'
'Hare and the Magpie'
'Owl and the Magpie'

28th October, 2016
Read the Patagonia blog about their Down story and the reason they chose the 'handmade' approach' for the window I designed!

See the making of the window, here.

I was recently contacted by Patagonia to design a window for the George Fisher shop in Keswick. The idea behind the design was to create an illustration which tells the story of their traceable down (the padding what they use in the jackets, just incase you didn't know), while being filmed for the 1st UK 'live painting'. I worked alongside Visual Merchandiser, Sue, photographer, Tony and the wonderful team at George Fisher. The actual painting took 3 days to complete and with a little help from Victoria, a member of the Fisher team, I was able to reach the top of the very, very big window!

A huge thank you to Tony, Sue, Lisa and Victoria, you were all wonderful!

Visual Merchandiser, Sue Storer.
Photographer, Tony Stephenson
George Fisher.

25th August, 2016
Hanging birds!
I've been busy with various projects over the past few months.
As well as painting on paper, I have been painting on wood - hanging wooden birds!
Here's a few I have been working on, available only from my Etsy Shop.

The day Countryfile came!
22nd April, 2016
I was approached by Countryfile to be a 'Featured Artist' on their Spring 'New Life' edition, as you can imagine I was totally speechless (which makes a change for me).
What a fun day it was, James, Charlotte and Tom made me feel so relaxed as I was a little nervous before filming. The filming was set in Red Acre Woods, Mytholmroyd, the birds were singing and they even got to see some wildlife! After talking to the camera and taking some lovely photographs, we head back to the studio where the crew were welcomed with tea and cake and then back to filming me painting in the studio, on my new appropriately named 'The Arrival of Spring' painting.
The programme will be aired on BBC1 15th May.

Ltd Ed Prints
14th April, 2016
Two new Ltd Ed Prints 'Two for Joy' and 'Three Magpies & a Blackbird'

3rd April, 2016
I have created a calendar for your desktop with each month of the year. Here is April.

New painting.
16th March, 2016
Another piece for my Summer exhibition at the Number Four Gallery.

Two paintings.
3rd March, 2016
I have been working hard for a couple of Spring & Summer exhibitions.

Spring Exhibition.
29th February, 2016

February discount.
13th February, 2016

28th February, 2016
I have created a calendar for your desktop with each month of the year. Here is March.

31st January, 2016
I have created a calendar for your desktop with each month of the year. Here is February.

Bird sketches for flood auction.
15th January, 2016
Following the devastating Boxing Day floods, I auctioned some of my work and the proceeds went to flood relief (our house unfortunately, was flooded). This sketch recently sold for £130.

10th January, 2016
I have created a calendar for your desktop with each month of the year. Here is January.

19th November, 2015
This is 'Paradise' it's a mixed media painting I created within a couple of months, it is now hanging in the Harrison Lord Gallery. Inspired by the colours of St Tropez, France, a place my heart is, (not specifically St Tropez but France). I have always loved birds and only now that I am becoming more inspired by them and nature which I also have a passion for. I am off to cook, today it's kale & pea soup, yum.

My love of trees.
10th November, 2015
I have had a passion for trees since I was a little child, taking walks in the not so many parks & woodlands we had in suburban Liverpool, where I grew up. I am lucky enough to be surrounded by such beauty now, here in the Calder Valley. The most beautiful thing for me is to take a walk with the dogs along hidden pathways around the valley towards the Pennines, take photographs of the many patterns in my natural surroundings. I love nature, it overwhelms me each time I see it.

I love nature
10th November, 2015
I love trees, woodland and nature. This is a view from my studio with Autumnal colours. Did I say I love nature?

4th November, 2015
Autumn has come around so quickly, the colours are so vibrant and striking. I do like this time of year because I tend to hibernate in the studio and I produce more work. I love walking with the dogs, we spend lots of time outside, it's an inspirational journey living in the countryside. Here are Sam & Ellie in what we call the Secret Woods as I don't think many people come here, it's magical.