Michelle Campbell Art

ltd ed garden bird print - goldcrest

Edition of 50
Individual prints are Signed & Numbered Giclee'
Each piece has the appearance of an original painting.
Printed on 300gsm Watercolour Paper
Print Size: 6.6'' square
Your print arrives enclosed in clear cellophane with an acid free backing board.

Where to see them

Pine forests are the best places to see goldcrests, but they range around in flocks of other small birds during autumn and winter. They're widespread and common across the whole of the UK; in autumn, large numbers arrive on the east coast from Scandinavia and make their way across dunes to more suitable habitat.

When to see them

Any time of year.

What they eat

Goldcrests eat tiny morsels like spiders, moth eggs and other small insect food.

25 GBP