Michelle Campbell Art

ltd ed garden bird print - redpoll

Edition of 50
Individual prints are Signed & Numbered Giclee'
Each piece has the appearance of an original painting.
Printed on 300gsm Watercolour Paper
Print Size: 6.6'' square
Your print arrives enclosed in clear cellophane with an acid free backing board.

Where to see them

They breed in woodland, but also visit gardens. Lesser redpolls can be seen dangling from tiny twigs in birch and alder trees, or perhaps on shrub stems. This is a widespread breeding species in Scotland, northern and eastern England and Wales. It is less common in central, southern and south-west England, but does occur in these places in winter. 

When to see them

In many areas, winter is the easiest time to see lesser redpolls, after the trees have lost their leaves. Their breeding population has declined and they're much less common than they once were.

What they eat

Seeds, particularly of birch and alder, plus plants like willow herb and sorrel, but they also visit bird feeders.

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